Colonel of Regiment’s Reunion Message

Good evening to all of you at the Regimental Reunion in Cardiff

I am very sorry not to be with you as I will be commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the liberation of the Dutch city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch by 53rd (Welsh) Division over the weekend. It is a big event for Wales, and as the head of the British Army in Wales and as Commander of 160th Brigade, which played a decisive role in the battle, I need to be in The Netherlands alongside the First Minister.

It is a huge privilege to be Colonel of the Regiment that I had the enormous good fortune to Commission into over 30 years ago. I would like to pay tribute to my predecessor, Lt Gen Sir Simon Mayall, for the great work he did over his 11 year tenure as Colonel and I know I have big boots to fill and it was great to see him awarded a Regimental Medal by our Col in Chief on Cavalry Sunday

I have been busy since taking over on 23 May 2019 with the 60th Anniversary Parade in Swanton Morley on 29 June and the service to dedicate our memorial and lay up a standard in Llandaff Cathedral – our new spiritual home – on 1 Jul attended by our Colonel in Chief. I also attended 2 excellent RCA Branch dinners, the South Wales Branch Waterloo Dinner in Cardiff and the Powys & Border Counties Branch Reunion in Oswestry.  I was also delighted to present a Silver medal to the QDG Exercise CAMBRIAN PATROL team in Sennybridge just before recording this message.

So what do I want to achieve as Colonel? I want to align all elements of the Regiment (Serving Regiment, Regimental Comrades Association and wider alumni, Home HQ, Trusts, Museum and QDG Cadets) so we are all striving towards a common vision: a well-connected community that benefits everyone, a network that people aspire to join and wish to remain an active part of.

The Regimental Comrades Association is key to this as, due to General Data Protection Regulations, Home HQ can only keep the contact details of signed up members of the Regimental Comrades Association. So those outside the Regimental Comrades Association are at risk of missing out on the full benefits of being part of the QDG community.

I want all members of the QDG community to gain the fullest benefit of being part of a network that can help them: whilst serving, in transition to civilian life, in business and in retirement – and for some, when they need assistance.

So, we need to sell the benefit of Regimental Comrades Association membership – and you can play a big part in this

I also want to protect our Centre of Gravity – which is our unique status of being Wales’s Cavalry Regiment, by reinforcing our profile and connection to Wales and the Marches and keep the recruiting lifeblood flowing.

Ultimately, I want to preserve what is so special about QDG and ensure we continue to be ‘First and Foremost’ for the next 60 years and beyond – and to remain proud of being part of the finest regiment in the world!

Have a wonderful evening.