RCA Membership

If you are interested in becoming a member, please complete the registration form below. If you prefer you may call the office on 029 20781213 or email hhq@qdg.org.uk Payment is by cheque or BAC’s. For BAC’s transfer please use the following: Sort Code: 30-92-07 Account No: 01567390 Acct Name: HHQ QDG. Ensure you add the account holder details and make reference to the RCA. If however, you are paying from a different account holder you will need to add your name to the reference. For those living abroad you have an added alternative of using PayPal.

For those who use internet banking you may wish to setup your own Standing Order using the account details above.

Subscriptions are renewed in September (Officers) and January (OR’s)

Officers – Annual Subscription with Journal:  £15.00,    Annual Subscription without Journal:  £10.00

Other Ranks – Annual Subscription with Journal:  £10.00,   Annual Subscription without Journal:  £5.00

New members will receive their Lapel Pin Badge and free entry into the Firing Line Museum and Renewals will still have free entry into the Museum.

rca registration form