RCA Membership

If you are interested in becoming a member, please complete the registration form below. If you prefer you may call the office on 029 2078 1213 or email hhq@qdg.org.uk

Membership is now free! This new model will see every serving and former member of the Regiment automatically enrolled into the RCA and we believe that this will:

  • Reinforce the ethos of ‘Once a QDG always a QDG’.
  • Enhance connectedness across our Regimental community by allowing Home Headquarters to hold the contact details of a much greater proportion of our people enabling them to be kept informed of news and events.
  • Improve benevolence as more members of our Regimental community will be on our radar, enabling us to help those in need.
  • Grow our RCA to a more significant level that delivers greater collective bargaining power to secure membership benefits for QDG RCA, such as discounts and exclusive offers.
  • Enable the evolution from a loose community to a more active and effective network.

New members will receive their Lapel Pin Badge Newsletters free entry into the Firing Line Museum and discounted benefits from Trinity Insurance Ltd.

rca registration form