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Museum Weekly Membership Lottery


“Your numbers could be up every week with the Museum Lottery”

Prizes Every Week and all For only £1 per ticket!

The cost of running our Museum is almost £50,000 per year, which is raised by the Council grant, Friends of the Museum, shop profits and charitable givings. The weekly Membership Lottery is a major way of raising secure and predictable income.

We desperately want to improve the museum by way of new visual and audio means, new and better lighting and new environmentally safe show cases. Over the next 5 years the cost will be around about £300,000 (museums are not cheap). Hopefully, the Membership Lottery will help in raising this huge sum of money.

£40 First Prize

£20 Second Prize

Sign up today……

£13.70 for 3 months lottery
£52.20 for 1 yrs lottery

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