Eighteenth Century European Battles

As shown on the previous page these battle honours have been divided into five distinctive groupings based on when and where they took place. The first was in the eighteenth century and were nearly all in the wars against the French on the Continent of Europe. These comprise of the battles of Blenheim (Germany, 1704), Ramillies (Belgium, 1706), Oudenarde (Belgium, 1708), and Malplaquet (France, 1709) in the War of the Spanish Succession. They also include the later eighteenth century battle of Dettingen (Germany, 1743) in the War of the Austrian Succession.

The next battle honour was won in the Seven Years War at Warburg (Germany, 1760) where the KDG and Bays charged side by side. Finally in the French Revolutionary Wars there were the battle honours of Beaumont and Willems (Belgium, 1794).

The Queen’s Regiment of Horse at the battle of Ramillies 1706 capturing a French kettle drummer – equivalent to taking their colours