Regimental Sergeant Major

1st King’s Dragoon Guards

Date Regimental Sergeant Major
  There are no official lists of KDG RSM’s, or indeed when the appointment started. Names and approximate dates given here have been found in the process of research.
1815 RSM. T Barlow
1846 RSM. J Stenson 
1851 RSM, J Hayes
c1855 RSM. W Rose
1860 RSM T Lowe
1871 RSM W A Murphy
1895-1900 RSM. J Barry
c1902 RSM. R S Goode
1907 RSM. E A Rae
c1914 Acting-RSM. J P Brewer
c1914 RSM. A Jacques
c1915 RSM J P Brewer
1915-1920 RSM F Burdett
1930 RSM. E T Robinson
1935 RSM. J Birkett
1946 RSM. C W Bloxham
1947 RSM. E Dilworth MBE
1954 RSM. A Allsop
1955-1956 RSM J R Rothwell
1956  Acting-RSM. M Forde
1957-1959 RSM. M Forde 

Queen’s Bays (2nd Dragoon Guards)

Date Regimental Sergeant Major
  There are no lists or dates of RSM postings within the Bays archives so approximate dates are included when RSM’s names are encountered during research
1832 RSM W Ramsden
1841 RSM A Calvert
1857 RSM. W Chapple
1857 RSM. W Mitchell
1857 RSM.
1870-1877 RSM J Battersby
c1879 RSM C H Preston
c1885 Acting-RSM. H M Shaw
c1888 RSM W Fowler
c1901 RSM H Turner
c1901 RSM F Milnes
c1902 Acting-RSM Ridley
c1903 Acting-RSM E A Evans
c1907  RSM E A Evans
c1914 Acting-RSM E S Parke
c1914 RSM W F Smith DCM.
c1923 RSM C A Hills 
c 1929 RSM J S Graham
1934 RSM A Eggelton
1934 RSM T H A Godbold
c1940 RSM C H Bumpass
c1942 RSM E Harris
c1948 RSM E Dunne
c1950  RSM K Fisher
c1951  RSM F L Foster M.M
c1955  RSM W J Holmes M.M
1958  RSM J L Cockroft M.M.

1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards

Date Regimental Sergeant Major
1959 WO1. J L Cockroft M.M. Queen’s Bays
1960 WO1. P E Wright. 1st King’s Dragoon Guards
1963 WO1. H O Bailey M.M. Queen’s Bays
1965 WO1. S F Mitchell. Queen’s Bays
1967 WO1. C T Francis. Queen’s Bays
1968 WO1. S H B Walker. 1st King’s Dragoon Guards
1970 WO1. D K Pringle. 1st King’s Dragoon Guards
1971 WO1. M A Stiff. 1st King’s Dragoon Guards
1973 WO1. B M Cottrell. 1st King’s Dragoon Guards
1976 WO1. K J Dakin. 1st King’s Dragoon Guards
1978 WO1. M W Harris. Queen’s Bays
1979 WO1. A D Corfield. QDG
1981 WO1. B W Bell. QDG
1983 WO1. R J Thayer. QDG
1985 WO1. R J Gwynne. QDG
1988 WO1. W R Charleton. QDG
1990 WO1. W R Brace BEM. QDG
1992 WO1. S A Burman. QDG
1994 WO1. N Wilson BEM. QDG
1995 WO1. H C Smith. QDG
1997 WO1. I G T Clegg. QDG
1998 WO1. J K Smith. QDG
2000 WO1. A J Alford. QDG
2002 WO1. P Corfield. QDG
2004 WO1. A Bowtell. QDG
2006 WO1. G M Powell
2007 WO1. J D J Tyson
2009 WO1. T R Jones